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Cut back on salt for a healthier you.

  • By GoDigital Test Account
  • 11 Aug, 2015

One of the first things medical professionals will tell you if you heart disease is to cut back on salt. In fact, the CDC reports says that “decreasing sodium intake to within recommended limits could prevent thousands of deaths annually.”

Unfortunately, reducing the amount of salt you intake involves much more than just putting up the saltshaker.

Restaurant food, canned goods, and frozen items are filled with hidden salt. Incredibly, the average fast food quarter pound hamburger contains over 1100 mg. of sodium. That’s almost half of the 2,300 mg of salt recommended daily amount. If you’re 51 or older or have high blood pressure, your recommended salt quota is even lower…1,500 mg a day… or one hamburger.

You fill find ‘hidden salt’ are sauces (including barbecue sauce), cottage and cheddar cheese, bagels, canned vegetables, processed meats, canned soups, and even cookies and cakes.

Check the Food Label

Reading food labels is critical if you are trying to eat less salty foods. However, you need to know that just because the label says ‘low sodium’ doesn’t mean the salt has been greatly reduced. A can of low sodium chicken and rice soup has 390 mg. of salt for a one cup serving.

The key when grocery shopping is to look for food items that are marked ‘No Salt’ and when eating out, ask for a low salt menu.

The University of California San Francisco has prepared   a great list of prepared foods   to avoid and eat for low salt diets.

Remember: Healthy veins, healthy you.

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